Advance Deposit: Should I do to get a loan?

Have you applied for a loan and are requesting an advance deposit account to release the credit? And now, should I deposit?

No! Never deposit to get a loan!

No! Never deposit to get a loan!

Be aware that depositing money to borrow is illegal, so it is a scam and you should not do so. If the alleged financial institution has asked you to do so, you can be sure that it is not a correct company as it is an illegality.

So be aware of the company’s proposals, interest rate offers far below market and very easy to get a loan can be a blow.

For, companies often ask about your credit history, ask about your income, and even request a bank statement or other proof of income.

What is the correct procedure to get a loan


The correct procedure for applying for a loan is as follows:

1) When applying for the loan, personal data is requested for the financial institution to analyze the viability of the loan.

2) Once approved, you will need to sign the CCB (Bank Credit Note), which is a loan agreement that serves to formalize your credit.

3) At this time you will receive the agreed amount, it is usually made via deposit in your checking account.

4) Finally, then you will start paying off the loan installments. That is, you will periodically pay the amount of the installments within the due date.

Have you noticed that there is no advance deposit? For now that you understand that this practice is illegal, be aware when looking for and evaluate a credit.

And if you fall victim to a scam, don’t despair. Do not talk to the scammer anymore and contact the police for a police report.

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