Much more than a credit fintech

More than a change of logo and color, we have begun a new stage in our history. In addition to a fintech credit, we want to impact the economy through truly healthy credit. It was within the traditional financial world that we emerged. Throughout Barigui Cia Hipotecária’s history, more than 5,000 clients have been served

Why you should not borrow loan shark?

Many times people in despair end up making extremely dangerous decisions for their lives. Debts end up making a big headache for you and your family members. But this is no reason for you to resort to a loan shark, because then the debt snowball will increase much more. Generally, loan sharks offer easy money

Consolidating consumer credit

Small and expensive consumer loans bring a lot of extra costs that can put your family in financial distress. By combining loans, it is possible to reduce the cost of a loan by tens, if not hundreds of dollars, at the monthly level alone. This was also noticed by Linda. Combine the loans Linda raised

Advance Deposit: Should I do to get a loan?

Have you applied for a loan and are requesting an advance deposit account to release the credit? And now, should I deposit? No! Never deposit to get a loan! Be aware that depositing money to borrow is illegal, so it is a scam and you should not do so. If the alleged financial institution has

Hiring agility: Hernando got credit in 10 days

Getting a fast loan at the lowest rate on the market seems like an excellent option, doesn’t it? Learn the story of a satisfied Bigcredi customer: In 10 straight days, Hernando had the money in hand. Facing lines, relying on traditional banking hours and having time to go to the bank. Hiring a credit from

Payroll loan interest

We know that payroll loan interest is one of the lowest in the market. But did you know that there is a rate cap set by the Ministry of Planning and the National Welfare Board? And from time to time change occurs? Recently, there was a change, for public servants the maximum rate was 2.05%.