Hiring agility: Hernando got credit in 10 days

Getting a fast loan at the lowest rate on the market seems like an excellent option, doesn’t it? Learn the story of a satisfied Bigcredi customer: In 10 straight days, Hernando had the money in hand.

Facing lines, relying on traditional banking hours and having time to go to the bank. Hiring a credit from a traditional bank is more complicated than it sounds . Make this hiring process easier and more agile: this is the role of fintechs .

Agility was the point that Bigcredi’s client, Hernando Gunamechille , highlighted when commenting on how the hiring went. He got the credit in just 10 calendar days . And he pointed out that many points made the difference so that hiring was fast, such as the agility to get the necessary signatures.


Choose the best credit company

credit company

The combination of ease and rate values was decisive in opting for Bigcredi’s secured mortgage.

“I looked at two or three other options at major banks, but they were above Bigcredi’s conditions and the time to release the money was longer,” said the customer.

Traditional lines of credit work with high interest rates and short repayment terms. This makes credit more expensive and less advantageous for the customer. Choosing alternatives such as secured credit is a smart solution for paying less for credit .

“I opted for Bigcredi because the rate is lower and it is easier to get credit,” said Hernando. Free use of credit is also attractive : there is no specific purpose and it can have many uses. When hiring, it is not necessary to specify what the credit will be useful for. Thus, the modality can have various uses, such as starting a business, paying off debt or investing in personal projects .


Agility for fast credit

credit loan

By using technology in financial services, operations become uncomplicated and smarter. Even the most bureaucratic steps become faster in online credit hiring. Hernando said the bureaucracy was smaller with Bigcredi , and that offered more security for him to proceed with the process.

Even in online hiring, there are important processes like delivering all documentation. To hire fast credit, having the necessary documents already organized was of great importance to Hernando.

“The documentation that was requested is basic documentation. It was not difficult to achieve. So I didn’t have much trouble with personal and company documentation, ”said Hernando.


Service Satisfaction

Service Satisfaction

Getting credit in 10 days would be much more complicated within the bureaucratic and slow processes of a traditional bank. In addition, customer service is not personalized without focusing on a positive customer experience. Therefore, saving time and quickly having money in hand is one of the main advantages of online hiring .

“The delay in the process discourages anyone. The agility and commitment to doing the process as well and as quickly as possible made me choose Bigcredi, ”said one more satisfied customer with Bigcredi.

How about hiring your home secured credit in 10 days? Make your simulation now.