Much more than a credit fintech

More than a change of logo and color, we have begun a new stage in our history. In addition to a fintech credit, we want to impact the economy through truly healthy credit.

It was within the traditional financial world that we emerged. Throughout Barigui Cia Hipotecária’s history, more than 5,000 clients have been served with a credit volume of over $450 million in real estate credit.

In 2017, we started a new movement for real estate lending: in a 100% online and really uncomplicated process, we were born to change the way we look at finance. Since then, we are combining technological innovation with sustainable credit, and giving our customers the chance to get a smart loan.

As a credit fintech, we give many Brazilians the opportunity to access a loan faster and in a completely online process. We are very different from traditional banks that have complicated and bureaucratic processes: we believe that everyone deserves fair credit, with less paperwork and less blah blah blah.


We are a new fintech but with a lot of story to tell


We began a new chapter in our history. It is with this change of brand that we are going to show the world that we combine experience in secured home loan with one purpose: to make the economy go round in a healthy, smart and conscientious way.

The result of this is a truly uncomplicated, practical and immediate process for you and many other Brazilians.


Our identity has changed, but our essence remains the same.

Our identity has changed, but our essence remains the same.

More than offering a secured loan, we want to create possibilities that transform people’s lives. We believe that a healthier, smarter and more conscious economy can be built through sustainable credit.

Brand change represents more than new colors and shapes. It is with this identity that we want to show ourselves to the world that it is possible to create a more collaborative, balanced and sustainable society.

With a commitment to transforming the economy in a more humane way, we take a new step toward our purpose. Come with us!