Property Guaranteed Credit: Know What It Is And How It Works

Also called real estate refinancing, secured property credit allows the homeowner to refinance up to 50% of the property value, for free use.

Credit to Guarantee Property is a loan growth, with great potential for use in Brazil. It is estimated that around 70% of Brazilian real estate repaid may be pledged by homeowners seeking credit. CGI is a loan made upon presentation of a residential or commercial property as collateral.

With it is possible to have up to 50% of the value of a property in cash. You use your property as collateral to have less interest credit and longer term to make your achievements viable. Understand why the CGI has lower interest rates, and below, check all the information about this credit:


How can I use Home Guarantee credit?

home loan

While in financing the credit is used for property acquisition, in CGI (refinancing) the credit is free to use. The value obtained can be used as the customer needs, such as the construction and renovation of real estate and investment in companies. Learn more about this mortgage:


To pay off more expensive debts

expensive debts

Because it has better rates and repayment terms than other credit operations, CGI is an excellent alternative for paying off more expensive debts, such as revolving credit cards, overdrafts and personal loans, for example. Learn more about using your property as collateral to pay off debt .


To invest in the company

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For those who undertake or wish to undertake, Property Guaranteed Credit is also a great option. The business owner or professional may present his or her private property and use the credit for investment in his company, either as working capital, expansion projects or new business. And those looking for credit to invest in franchises have even more advantages, such as the larger grace period to pay the first installment.


To build or renovate

To build or renovate

The property that will be renovated can be presented as collateral. Find out how to get credit for renovation and construction over the internet . And check out 5 important home remodeling tips you can do with mortgage lending to value your property.